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How many of us have heard of Wetiko? I’m betting not many have, especially in our “modern” western society. Which is unfortunate, because the Native Americans spoke about it. According to the Native Americans, Wetiko was a type of evil spirit that invaded the minds of people, corrupting their minds and influencing them to feed their inner demons.

This force while unseen by typical human eyes, comes in a variety of forms, but most often goes unnoticed by those who it’s able to feed on. My intent here is not to discuss the historical references to Wetiko, but to paint a slightly more modern picture. However, I do believe whole heartedly that the Native Americans, as well as others who had different names for this force were wise beyond their years.

One of “truths” I discovered many years ago, was sometimes you are not the source of your thoughts. Sure, a random thought may be heard in your own “minds voice”, but that doesn’t make it yours. We live in an interdimensional sea of “life”, much of which is unable to seen with our physical eyes. Yet enormous numbers of people, have had experiences that have taken them beyond the confines of the materialistic world. To dismiss such events, is to align ourselves with the infancy of both intelligence and wisdom.

Varieties of Wetiko

One of the characteristics, that the Native Americans attributed to Wetiko was selfishness. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone can be a little selfish at times, but for someone who is constantly selfish perhaps we should take heed. Selfishness is certainly not the only characteristic someone could exhibit if they’re under siege by Wetiko. I’m willing to bet, that any behavior that is considered anti-human, or anti-life could be considered a variety of Wetiko.

Do we really think that there is no influence behind repeating unpleasant events in society? That everything is just random? Or is there something covertly hiding in the shadows targeting people who haven’t healed their inner wounds and capitalizing on them.

A few years ago, I heard about a group of kids that went to the same school as me (only years later), that were doing drugs in one of their cars. One of the individuals also had a firearm and ended shooting to death his friends for apparently no reason while they were high. When asked why he did it, he said that he saw other beings in the car with them and lost it. If I recall correctly, he didn’t know he shot his friends.

Most people would probably think he was hallucinating, but was he? Or did the drugs allow him to catch a glimpse at a different level of reality? Were the beings he saw, feeding off the drug users in the car? Or worse, were they edging them on go the drugs to begin with? These are all questions that cross my mind when I hear stories like this. Are we truly aware of our environment, or are we ignorant? Taking the word of “experts” that perhaps are nothing more than the equivalent to the prisoners stuck in the cave, in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave “.

It’s not just drugs, but I believe that any profound distorted behavior or wound in someone, that causes anti-life behavior can be taken advantage of by forces that don’t have their best interest at heart. I’m not going to rattle off a list of behaviors, simply think about the horrible things that occur in society. I also want to be clear, Wetiko is not able to give anyone anything, it cannot make you anything. It simply feeds off something that already exists in you, something that you haven’t healed yet. It’s a parasite, nothing more. In my opinion, our wounds come from lifetimes of experiences, and when we don’t heal from an unpleasant experience it can fester. Eventually becoming a target for indifferent or unkind beings looking for substance.

Fear… Control… and Wetiko

Two things that I absolutely believe Wetiko loves are fear and control. Fear is perhaps the most deliberating emotion in the human psyche. Just look what has transpired, over the last two year across the face of the planet. Addtioanlly, the vast amount of Corporate funded media across the globe is all about fear. Or what I call “Gotcha Emotions”. In the United States we see a classic example of this. Whether someone watches CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, etc.. These networks almost always present fear to their audience. They always have a villain, for their target audience to blame the nation’s issues on.

Be afraid, be very afraid about this or that, the message from politicians in the country often is. Don’t look at what we’re doing behind the scenes, look at what this group of people are doing, or that group of people are doing…. Can you say “Tower of Babel” ……. These behaviors are deeply anti-human and anti-life. Thus dare I ask, are humans really controlling society, or is something else in the shadows pulling strings. Influencing individuals in positions of power, due to their massive egos and inner wounds.

Has anyone else noticed, how many leaders around the world, are drastically trying to implement more systems of control on the population. Everywhere we look, there has been a campaign to roll out societal changes which rely on the blatant disregard to human rights. I saw a recent headline in the last month, that coined the term “Toxic Positivity”. God, forbid you maintain a positive outlook, regardless of your current situation. But guess what folks, positivity breeds creativity and reduces dense emotions such as fear. Two of the primary things that Wetiko seeks to crush. It can’t have unstressed, unfearful, happy people in the world because they are a threat to its existence. Most importantly, it absolutely doesn’t want free thinking individuals questioning its rule, and this is exactly why it seeks to control.

COVID-19 and Wetiko

This is the part, where I may trigger some into a frenzy. To those individuals, I say no one is making you read this, therefore you can stop reading and go about your day. It’s that simple.

It’s my opinion, the overwhelming response by world leaders regarding COVID, has been largely coordinated. However, there are exceptions, albeit there are few. I’m going to ask a simple question. Do the policies attempting to be put in place, in multiple nations, complement life, creativity, freedom, and happiness? Or do they paint the picture of a dark world, where you’re always afraid, and the complete loss of fundamental rights is the only way to keep you safe? Administrated of course, by the “State”.

There is another characteristic of Wetiko, those infected by it will always speak in contraindications. Everything that say or do, will take us on a path which results in the loose of freedom. Yet, they will attempt to guide others down this path by promising freedoms. Freedoms which will never come. They will demonize those who will not go along with them, and attempt to strong arm others into compliance. Fundamental facts will not matter to them, they will simply keep repeating the “version of truth” that Wetiko needs to survive.

Now, let’s look at just a few examples anti-human behavior during the COIVD-19 era. I can come up with more than seven examples…. But to be honest seven is enough.

1. Everyone apparently needs the vaccine. Never mind your right to consult your own doctor, and make an educated decision based on your health. Politicians are going to intact mandates, with no exceptions for the common folk, to prevent you from living your life if you don’t get a jab. (Case and Point NYC).

2. The idea natural immunity doenst work. Suddenly, the natural human immune system, which has existed for eons, doesn’t work…. Really since when?

3. Roll out of the COVID camps. If you’ve been paying attention to Australia, then no more needs to be said on this one. If you haven’t, Australia is literally putting people into COVID camps…….. Sound like Nazi Germany, right? But don’t worry they will tell you it’s for your own good.

4. The FDA attempting to actually hold the vaccine data from the pubic until 2076….. Hmmmm you would think they would present it to the public to increase vaccination rates…. There must be something in there they don’t want us to see.

5. If you take the vaccine, you can still get the virus and spread it, this is a FACT that even vaccine manufactures have stated. If this is true, why do so many keep trying to promote the idea that only the unvaccinated can spread COVID. It’s a blatant lie.

6. The definition of unvaccinated will soon include those who don’t get all the boosters they come out with. In the US they are on jab three, in Israel it’s four with talk of a fifth. That will be coming here soon enough…….

7. If fear of the virus drops too much, announce a new variant….. That just happens to show up during the holidays when people are trying to relax….. Thus keeping the fear going.

Defeating The Mind Virus

It’s not that hard to defeat Wetiko. You don’t fight it in the traditional sense of the word. You simply don’t comply with its agenda, there is power in the word NO. Non-Conformity is the solution. As well as realizing how connected and special we all are. We all have wounds, but if we work to heal ourselves, Wetiko will never have a chance. I believe Gandhi had the correct idea; peaceful non-compliance is the answer. Overall, I do believe our future is bright, but we must go through a storm to get there. For anyone who has read this entire article, thank you.



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