The Truth About The Twin Flame Journey; A Hurricane of Lessons

Cosmic Sibyl
26 min readNov 21, 2023


Today I’m going to do something a little different, and a little more personal. I’m going to share my experience regarding the ever so popular, “Twin Flame” journey. I’ve talked about the Twin Flame a little bit previously, but I have never shared my experiences fully, or even close to fully. I’ve thought about it, but never wanted to talk about my experiences, due to how much hurt they caused. But after much reflection, I’ve decided it’s time. I needed to be at a point in my life where I could talk about the experiences without being upset, angry, or annoyed.

Before I begin, I want to give a fair warning. This article will be longer than usual, and it’s not one of those Rainbow and Sunshine Twin Flame stories. There was a time, where like so many I got caught in the illusion of the Twin’s purpose. And like so many I got burned badly, but ultimately it was the best thing for me. Anyways let’s get into my story.

The Twin Flame Arrives

I met what I considered my Twin Flame (perhaps I still do), on Thanksgiving 2016. She showed up with my cousin to our family dinner, and almost immediately I felt my heart start to race, and felt a subtle anxiety come over me. She was naturally beautiful, dark hair and eyes, between 5'5" and 5′ 6", and there was glow about her. Both physical and non-physical, and I couldn’t put my finger on the source of it at the time.

Despite being 10 years younger than me, I still felt myself drawn to her, although it wasn’t a typical attraction. It was almost as if, something was forcing me towards her. Me being naturally shy, I didn’t talk much at first and after dinner, I had such a bad headache from the experience, that I went to lay down in another room. While her and my cousin sat in the living room talking with other family members.

Eventually, something got me to go into the living room and talk to them both. Being around her was intense, yet there was a safe feeling at the same time. Though, I was still very much on edge, as I had very rarely felt this way around anyone. We talked, and I liked her smile. It was a calming yet mysterious one.

At the end of the evening, her and my cousin left, and eventually I had to return home to my own place. During the days that followed, I kept feeling I should send her a message. (We had each other’s information by the end of Thanksgiving). I want to be clear, I didn’t have romantic feelings for her at this point. I was simply overwhelmed with curiosity. After a few days, of a nagging feeling to contact her, I did, and she responded instantly. Instantly telling me she had the same feelings. This would be the beginning to a series of painful lessons over a six year period, that would repeat constantly, until I decided to end the cycle…..

A Side Note On Woman and I

It’s important to mention, that growing up I showed little interest in romantic relationships. But the few woman I did show an interest in, always turned into a toxic mess, without a relationship ever being formed.

Woman would constantly take advantage of my empathic nature and kindness, often telling me how much they cared about me, or sometimes how much they loved me. But as soon as they met someone else or their situation changed they would change their tune. I was the person they went to, when they felt alone, and were down on their luck. But was never the person they would choose, when they felt better about themselves.

I want to be clear, I’m not an unattractive person. I don’t consider myself “James Bond” by any means, but I’m not Gollum from Lord Of The Rings either 😂. If I was forced to donate my attractiveness to a number, as shallow as it may be, I would say I’m a solid 7. No, I’m not going to post my image hahahahah, but for some fun, I’ll post Gollum’s below…….. My Precious hahahahahah..

As I said I’m not a Gollum, you’ll just have to trust me on that.

Lord Of The Rings

Anyway, despite woman doing this to me multiple times, I had not learned my lesson at this point. Now let’s move on.

Oh Twin….Why Do You Play Games

My Twin and I interacted a number of times in person between Thanksgiving 2016 and May 2017. We hung out in groups of people and alone. She even got me to take her to see 50 Shades Darker when it came out in 2017. You see, my Twin was very Sexual, and that terrified me. I was the deep empathic one, whose emotions ran deep, she was the less emotional one, who was more focused on physical reality.

One of the things she enjoyed greatly was Sex. And why not, her looks made it easy for her to get any guy she wanted. Though when it came to me, she only ever flirted with the idea. Often teasing me by making remarks about things such as “How good her Pussy felt”. Or she would tell me how I was afraid to be intimate, because it was different than what I was used to. I could give you a lot of examples of the dynamic, but I think you get the point. Needless to say, she toyed with my emotions a lot.

She always liked to get a rise out of me, or try to get me give into her way of thinking. Yet when I did show an interest, she always backed off, doing a complete 180. Which made many situations with her very frustrating. In a way I was damned if I did and damed if I didn’t.

Anyways, it wasn’t long after New Years 2017 that she got involved with her next BF. When this occurred we rarely saw each other, and though we texted a lot, it was very rarely productive. As a result by May 2017, we both decided to go our separate ways. After being ghosted three different times, mostly because her BF was an insecure little Pratt, that always seemed to get her to change her plans with me or others indirectly. One classic example during this period, was my I had long standing plans with her, to go to a Reiki place. For almost a month, the plans were solid, but as soon as she told her bf that she would be doing it, he made plans for them to go hiking hours away during the same period. Knowing she wouldn’t be back in time.

After I went through the same thing a few different times, I was ready to go our separate ways. My Twin eventually moved in with her bf and they moved hours away, in the middle of the wilderness where cell phone reception was bleak. She loved the wilderness, but I knew almost instantly that the relationship wouldn’t last. Sure enough, when things started to go down hill, she sent me a message on social media roughly three months later. Apologizing for not talking much, and telling me to talk to her via the app because cell phone reception was bad. Of course I was roped back in….

Twin Flame Drama Late 2017–2019

Sure enough my Twin Flame and her bf didn’t last. She always had to follow a dude, and adjust her life to his. Never really taking control of her own power, and using Sex as a way of survival and control if possible. She eventually broke up with her bf, and moved back to town sometime between late 2017 and early 2018. To be honest, I don’t remember when it was, as I was doing my best to not think about her, and we only talked periodically, often through email.

When she did move back home, we didn’t interact much, and she never wanted to do anything in person. Instead I would often hear in passing, how she found other guys to hang around, but they never lasted either. In fact I wouldn’t actually see my Twin in person for over 5 years. Not until Summer 2022, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Eventually she ended up un another relationship, and pregnant very quickly. She moved in with the new BF, who was even older than me. I didn’t hear from her much in 2018 and 2019, but when I didn’t hear from her, she was never happy. Often she seemed stressed, sad, and trapped. Her family for a period even stopped talking to her for a little while, because they didn’t agree with her decision to get involved with this older guy. Who turned out to be extremely controlling and abusive.

The one good thing she got out of the experience was her child, who was a very joyous and interesting kid. I did end up meeting him a couple times over the years. During this period though, often when she contacted me it was for emotional support. Every now and again she would tell me how horny she was, but her bf wouldn’t touch her. We often disagreed on many things when it came to Sex and Love, which I think angered her. I don’t think I responded in the way she wanted half the time. Which just led to more tension between us, and bickering which sometimes would evolve into brutal fights.

Needless to say, there was nothing I could do for her. She chose to get involved with someone who was toxic, and now she had to get herself out of the situation. In spring of 2020 she did just that, and I was proud of her.

2020…..My True Feelings Emerge

I’m going to be honest, when I think back to when I started to have deep feelings for my Twin, it was probably in mid 2020. We talked a lot in 2020, especially when she finally moved back home and was way from her toxic baby father.. She was a mess, but she often contacted me via email when she was feeling her worst. I even had a dream about her contacting me shorty before she did.

In which I was standing on a pouch and she called my name before I turned around to see her standing behind me looking defeated. Things like that sometime happened with her, she would show up in dreams, shortly before I would hear from her.

Sometime in 2020, I realized I deeply cared for her, to the point where I started having romantic feelings for her. Of course I didn’t say anything at first, out of fear. She was also a mess, so instead I put them in the back of my mind and decided to reflect more on them. Meanwhile we continued to interact via texting and email.

We bickered a lot and butted heads. I was always the one who thought of her, and would check up on her. She never really reciprocated the effort. Only when she was at her worst, would she often contact me first and ask how I have been. Or how my family was doing.

Over the years, even when we didn’t speak often I always wished her Happy Birthday, Happy Halloween, and Merry Christmas. And I would show an interest in her life. She very rarely did the same. In fact, to this day, I don’t even think she knows when my Birthday is, or what my middle name is. Something that I took the time to learn for her, because she appreciated when people got to know her, and I absolutely had an interest in knowing her.

Eventually she told me she wanted to see me, and I was excited. It lasted a whole week, before she backed out and said she wasn’t ready to interact with people because she was still healing from her toxic experience. She ghosted me a number of times in 2020, for the same reason. But then she would tell me how she went out with others.

Another classic example was, when I was on my way to a hiking location to meet a friend. She immediately told me that she was just at the same spot a few weeks earlier, and she would probably go back. This was one of the ways, I found out she lied to me about doing something with me. It wasn’t that she wasn’t ready to meet people in person, it was that she found someone else she wanted to do something with more….

Of course this led to annoyance… but I let it go. She was well aware too.

In the fall of 2020 she told me she had nothing to do for her Birthday. So I asked if she wanted to go out to get something to eat and catch up. She said she did, but let her see how the rest of the week went and she would let me know. Long story short, she ended up making other plans later in the week, and was’t going to tell me until I confirmed our plans. She backed out, and said she was going out with some of her friends. I was disappointed but was glad she was actually doing something.

However, that evening she texted me upset saying her Birthday sucked and she was always going to be alone….. She then actually told me she loved me… and it touched my heart. How stupid I was, she didn’t love me, she just had a bad evening with another dude. It didn’t go well, and she felt alone……

We ultimately ended up in another fight shortly after this, and didn’t talk for a while. This happed on and off with us, but we never really went more than a month or two without talking. In her mind, I was always the bad guy, if I had my feelings hurt, it was always I was being “Too emotional”, or “Took things too personally”. But if she had her feelings hurt, it was a Shakespearian drama, on how I was the indirect villain and she was the victim.

Yet in my mind, she was Twin… and I loved her so much. I always told myself she’s like that because she’s been so hurt, and I should stand by her side because of it.

2021 A New Boy Friend…..

Star Wars Movie Poster

I feel like this is a Star Wars Movie……. 2021 a New Hope 😂( Above image was an Original Movie Poster). Seriously though, by 2021 she was becoming aware of how I felt for her. Though she played games with it. Either she would tell me “It will never be you”, or something like “Let’s wait and see how it plays out, I need time”. I was actually told by her that I should just “Love Her”, and things will work out 🙄.

After a better part of a year of telling me she didn’t want a relationship, she told me about her new bf lol. Strangely enough he was similar in vibration to the one she had in 2017. Oh by the way, she would at times send me a picture of her and her BFs. They always had the same vibe as the previous one, but with minor differences.

The funny thing about this BF, is early on she told me, that she thought he would find someone else, that was more like him. Oh and one of her more legendary statements of the year, went something along the lines of…. “I think this relationship will make you and I closer”….. I had to laugh, like really….. She just wanted me to stick around and nothing to change..

You see my Twin, always wanted to have every option open to her….So why not stick around and maybe, one day, when the moons of Jupiter are in perfect conjunction with the moons of Uranus, and Big foot was spotted riding a Great White shark off the coast of South Carolina would she actually care about me.

This my friends frustrated me deeply. It hurt too. Yet I was committed to stick by my Twin in anyway I could and support her decisions.

Her new boyfriend was a dickwad… Surprise surprise…. Although he much better than her previous one. But by December 2021 my Twin and I were in another fight, because I told what I thought about some of her behavior. I was honest, and that’s what matters. The fight was over, how she treated her BF at times. Surprisingly I found myself sticking up for him. And Agreeing with her own statement of how shitty she can be. But apparently I wasn’t allowed to agree with that, only tell her how wonderful she was, and how hard she was being on herself for thinking she was shitty.

Something I did many times. But not this time. We got in a big fight, and didn’t speak for some time. I eventually did contact her and tell her how I felt about her. Indicting it was probably part of the reason why we fought so much, it was tension. She thanked me for telling her, though I suspect she already knew. But we wouldn’t speak or interact again until July 2022….

My Twin Flame Journey……The Last Attempt

In July 2022 my Twin contacted me again. She texted me and told me to answer her call, because I had missed a call from her. When I picked up her voice sounded so good to hear. At this point she knew how I felt about her, but it caught me off guard when she told me “I should date her”.

The thought excited me, as I would have loved to by this time. She had told me how she had broken up with her bf some time ago, and was doing her own thing. She had tried some dating apps but they didn’t pan out. I told her let’s get together and see where things go and she agreed. She even wanted to go with me to a lake house my family had rented for a week. I was shocked, I hadn’t seen her in over five years, and now she was ready to interact in person again. I’ll be honest, I was expecting her to ghost, but she didn’t.

The next day I picked her up and off we went. She looked amazing as always. When we got to the lake house she got along with everyone, and we had a great time. We went off on the Wave Runners and at one point she jumped in the water. She got out dripping and asked how she looked. She was beautiful, both in appearance and energy to me. In fact, I couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to have Sex with her, right on the water craft. Which was rare for me to even consider. The funny thing was, in the moment, I wouldn’t have cared how many people saw.

As the day same to a close, I brought her back home and we made plans to do some other things which excited me. She seemed to actually be showing a genuine interest, which made me drop my guard even more.

A week or so later, she invited me to her Sister’s Birthday Party at her house. I was nervous to go, but did and had a good time. My Twin spent a lot of time cooking, and I needed up interacting with her family members a lot, but still had a great time. At one point though my Twin asked me to take a selfie of her in her bathing suit, and I did. Of course she wasn’t happy with it and wanted a retake of it multiple times. In the middle of taking the picture (with her phone), a message popped up on her screen. A dude sending her message of how much of a “Babe” she was. It didn’t register too much with me at first, but with a week it did……

The Attempt Continues…..

Roughly a week later, she was telling me about “A Guy” she was kind of seeing…… One that she thought had ghosted her. This was after she broke up with her last bf….. When did she think he ghosted her you ask? Oh, in the period a couple weeks earlier, when she called me and told me I should date her…. I was hurt she would use me in such a way.

I told her that was good, but we would have to probably move on, as I was looking for something more at this point in my life.. She was shocked and asked If I thought she could be that person…. Duhhhh she knew I liked her. But instead of being snarky, I said I thought she could be. She told me she understood and she just needed some time, because she didn’t want to loose me.

I gave her that time, and for 2–3 months afterward we did a lot together. She joined my workout group with my friends, we went to a number of places together and had a great time. Even when she drank too much and I had to look after her, I still loved being around her. I really cared about my twin.

However, most times when we did something together, she should be texting other guys. Or she would tell me about a guy she was fucking, who had a massive dick. She got high one day and bragged about it to me for a full afternoon. Only to apologize to me a day later. She later told me, how he treated her like shit, but still wanted to see what happened. When she seemed to realize it was a bad idea, she would quickly do a 180, within a day or two.

She later felt the need to tell me about a dude in his mid 50’s, “a Silver Fox”, who she had fucked around with. She even plugged her phone into my car, on the way to my Niece’s Birthday party, while she texted someone she called “Kind of Old Mike”…… The other dude with the Godzilla dick she had put in her phone as something like “Nick 8 Inch”. Her other nick name for him was, Big Dick Nick lol. Give it to my Twin, to always come up with humorous nick names.

Every time we did something together, it never seemed like she was in the moment with me. Instead she always wanted to text another dude, because she said I was too nice with my opinions. She didn’t get it…… I cared about her deeply. Enough to make myself look like an idiot for years….. Like I said, I loved my Twin.

Eventually, Big Nick Dick and other company seemed to die out…. Though in late September 2022, she felt the need to tell me that she had never felt anything for me, that half the things she said to me, she claimed she didn’t say. In many cases, she started to tell me how she never remembered a great conversation we had, or an experience we shared. She even went as far to tell me, that “maybe I’m the non romantic type of Twin”.

Within a few weeks of saying all of this to me, she was telling me about another dude she liked, and She actually got mad at me when I didn’t want to hear about him.

She also got mad when I started pulling away from her. It wouldn’t have bothered me as much, if she didn’t know how I felt. But she did, and it had taken a lot of courage for me to admit it. Instead she just used me, until she found other men or women she had an interest in. I was the failsafe for her, when she felt alone.

And Continues……..

By this point I’ve had enough, and I suggested we really go our separate ways. She told me I better make up my mind because she wasn’t going to go back and forth. I told her I was serious, and we once again stopped speaking. I was hurt, and just wanted to learn from the lesson and move on.

However, a couple weeks later she showed up at a workout session, (as I mentioned previously she joined my private trainer session I had with my friends). I didn’t make a big deal about it, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk. She instinctively knew this, but after a few moments, she came over to me and asked how my holiday was (this was around Thanksgiving 2022). I responded to her and asked how hers went. She said it was good, but shortly afterwards said it was just ok. She indicated she had gotten a new tattoo, and immediately asked me if I wanted to see it. Without really thinking I said Yes, and she then pulled up her shirt in front of me to show off a beautiful tattoo going up her side. I also got a good look at her side boobs, and she knew it.

It caught me by surprise, but I couldn’t help to admire the bravery of my Twin, to do such a thing in public. Shortly afterward the workout began, and we didn’t speak much afterward. But something told me, she wanted to see if I would speak to her that night.

For a couple months afterward we got along. But I felt like crap, because I didn’t know what to think anymore. I began to see a pattern with me more clearly than ever, but still questioned myself.

Once we crossed into early 2023, my Twin and I didn’t really speak often. She had taken a new job at a bar, and I’m sure she loved the attention from the men that went in there. She often did passive indirect things to make it known to me, that I probably wouldn’t see her for some time.

She reduced the amount of times she worked out with my friends and I. When she did show up, she would do things like act more excited to see my friends or the trainer. At one point she literally finished working out, walked over to one of my friends I was having a conversation with, said goodby to him and walked out without saying a thing to me.

When I called her out on it later, she got made and made an excuse.

Twin Flames Go Nuclear ☢️

I reached my breaking point a roughly a month later. I had enough, and realized I could no longer keep the cycle going. I had told her that I would have to let her go, I couldn’t keep repeating the same cycles with her. She didn’t respond to me at all when I said it. She just ignored it. It had been about a month since she had showed up to work out with my friends and I, so I was confident she probably felt the same way. But around Valentine’s Day, she sent a message to the group text saying she wouldn’t workout because she had a Date, but she would be back shortly. I didn’t take her seriously, and didn’t think she would show up again. I did wonder why, that someone so private wanted to tell a group of my friends about her upcoming date. I just figured it was one of her passive aggressive ways to try to get to me, or to punish me for daring to say I had enough.

Either way I ignored it. A few days later she indicated to the group that she would be showing up to workout that night. Anxiety and stress immediately hit me. I didn’t want her there, I wanted to get over my Twin, and I needed space to do so. She knew this, but didn’t seem to respect me enough to let it happen.

A couple hours before the workout, I sent her an email indicating a second time, and I didn’t think it was appropriate for her to still be working out with my friends and I in our private session. Although I did indicate she was free to set up her own appointment with her own friends.

I thought this would be the end of it, but when I pulled into the workout place a couple hours later, she was there. To make matters worse, when I walked in, we made eye contact very quickly and she flashed be a quick smirk. A smirk that said, I still came, you’re just being emotional.

That was it, I was enraged that she just couldn’t let me have some space and time to get over her. I always did my best to make sure I supported her feelings, but clearly she wasn’t going to do the same for me. I walked over to her, and in front of the trainer and a few others asked her what the Fuck she was doing there. I told her we were not friends, and I wasn’t going to workout with her. Of course she felt the need to question “Why we weren’t friends”. And she probably thought it had to do with an exchange we had a few days earlier, where I got made a flirty comment to her, and she made me feel like shit about it. To be fair, I was being a clown, but after so many times of her playing games with me, I didn’t care. She had played so many mental games with me, I couldn’t tell if she wanted me to loosen up a little bit or not.

When I apologized and said I was joking, she seemed to get even more mad and said “Sure (My Name)”. Again damed if I do and damned if I don’t. Anyways this is probably the reason why she thought I was acting the way I did. In truth, it was much more than that, it was months of the getting my hopes up, and then constantly back tracking when she caught the scent of another guy entering the area. I had enough.

I told her that she could stay and workout for the night and I would leave, but going forward to make her own appointments. That’s when the trainer told us not to argue in the gym area. I was leaving, and my Twin got mad and wanted to take the fight outside. Sadly I agreed and it only got worse. I was so mad, that I called her a Narcissist and Bitch to her face, and said she was just the female versions of her toxic EX’s. I knew that hurt her. She literally got in my face yelling at me, but it was just noise. She literally had nothing bad to say about me, after all I had been wonderful, considerate, and loving to my twin for many years at this point. With only the periodical fight over stupid crap every now and again.

We both needed up storming out of the parking lot. But after she left I went back to apologize to the Trainer and others. They understood completely. Needless to say, I wasn’t about to workout, and was so sick to my stomach I needed to go home.

After being home for a while my Twin sent me an email, telling me how much I disgusted her, and how I was a psychopath. I laughed at that one. The one that always asked how she was doing, always made myself available to chat when she was hurting, the one who always thought of her during the holidays, and on her Birthday, I was the psychopath……. In her final statement to me, she said to consider myself dead to her. She even threatened to call the police on me…….🙄.

At first I wanted to respond with more anger, and laugh in her face about the idea of me being the psycho between the two of us. But something told me to just let it go, and I did….. My Twin Flame Journey on Earth came to a close, and I felt defeated.

Six Months After Twin Flame Armageddon

For about Six months afterward, a number of woman came close to coming into my life. Some quick after I stopped talking to my Twin Flame, and others months later. However, they all behaved in a similar manner as my Twin, in some regard or another.

One in particular, would ghost me after making plans with me, and have a rational for doing so. Luckily after the second occurrence, I cut off all communication. I wasn’t going to do that again. If a person had an interest in me, I’d give them a chance if I was interested as well, but they only got ONE do over lol. I’m not going to list all the examples, that various women did. but needless to say, I felt like I was being tested.

At one point, after ending the interaction with my Twin, I got the message to Stay on Course, and not to dwell on it. What happened, needed to happen. For most of the time, I blocked by Twin’s phone number and email. Eventually I unblocked her, as I no longer needed to have her blocked. I assume I’m probably blocked to this day, but I haven’t attempted to find out. Nor do I feel it’s necessary. There was a deep Karma that my Twin and I had. One that I feel resolved itself when I finally lost my cool.

There were a number of times, I would get angry, because I allowed myself to go through what I had experienced for so long with someone. Six years of my life were spent, attempting to understand my Twin and wanting to get close to her. Both in friendship, and later romantically. Sometimes these feelings came out of known where, which indicated a deep healing that still was on going.

I even attempted a candle cord cutting ritual, to cut the strands between my Twin and myself. I didn’t want to feel anything to do with her. Not only had she played on my emotions, she Gaslighted the fuck out of me, to make it seem she hadn’t. And, she actually told my friends that our workout fight occurred because she “rejected my advances”. When I heard that from my friends, I just wanted to laugh. How clueless could she have been. She actually thought that my friends would think I was some horrible person, based on her word. She also wanted to embarrass me.

Did she? Perhaps a little, but I got over it quickly. My friends didn’t believe her, in fact there is not one person that actually knows me, who would agree with the assessment she gave of me in her final email.

Honestly, I think she just was as mad and hurt as I was. We just could never find common ground between us, when it came to some fundamentals. She always needed to be the one to call the shots too, and I caught her off guard, when I was the one who said I was done.

My Seven Month Twin Flame Realization

After Seven months, I was in the shower and I got the strong need to apologize for some of the things I said to her. It hit me that, although I did think she deserved to see me lose shit in such a matter. That I did say some things, that were very hurtful. I aimed low, and delivered a gut shot for sure. I wasn’t looking for friendship, not a connection with her. But Something in me said, it was time to put an apology out there, related to a few of the colorful things I said. I didn’t want to keep going on, priding myself on how many months it’s been since I’ve talked to her. That was silly. I also had to admit to myself, that I still cared about my Twin, and I never wanted to see anything bad happen to her.

As such, I sent out an email, and text (just to cover all bases), apologizing for some of my words. And indicating I should have never allowed myself to get that mad. I apologized that things didn’t work out different between us, and for her to stay safe.

Now, some of my friends would think I was stupid to do so, but I’m a strong empathic person. It felt wrong not to apologize to me. I also mediated a little bit and apologized to her Higher Self, in the event she never saw my apologies.

After that, it was as an energy lifted off of me. I no longer was nearly upset about the entire situation. I felt that what happened, happened for a reason more and more. I also knew, I could never be just friends with my Twin, as it would only be a matter of time before my feelings came up again. And thus the same thing would happen.

Thus I let it go. And Once I did, things started changing for me. I saw the lesson she taught me more fully. That I had a problem, a big one when it came to woman. And my Twin was the one who taught me the most about resolving the issue. She made it hurt, hurt so badly, but in doing that she refused to let me hold on to a disruptive pattern. And for that I love her.

I’m sure that I taught her something as well, but only she can speak to it.

Nine Months Later

It has been a little over Nine months since Twin Flame Armageddon went down. I feel very different. I’ve started mediating again, connecting with various beings, hearing myself more clearly, working on new projects, and I even have pushed myself out of my comfort level by starting a meetup group.

I’ve started to meet people, who share similar interests and I’ve really enjoyed it. I am comfortable with how things played out with my Twin. Do I miss her a times. Of Course. But She needs to do what she needs to do, to get where she needs to be on her own Journey. I don’t know if I will ever see her again in this life, or even hear from her. But that’s not important, the lesson has been completed, and a new lesson with come when the time is right. In this physical world, or someplace else.

Final Thoughts On The Twin Flame

If you were to ask my Twin about everything I have shared, she would probably tell the story differently. She never really let me get close enough, to fully understand why she did what she did. Perhaps she does really think of me as dead to her, perhaps I really did disgust her, or maybe she was just as afraid to explore something different, just as I was. Only she can tell you what she believes. I can’t speak for her. Though I suspect it could be a long time before I know these things.

My final advice to everyone who believes they have been on a Twin Flame Journey, and one that has been as stressful and hard as my own….. Let it go.

And thus we come to the end of my article. This has been the most comprehensive content I’ve shared about my own Twin Flame Journey, it’s not everything, but it’s enough. I don’t think I will be revisiting this topic for some time, so I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Everyone, have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving.🦃

Look for my next article in early December.

Originally published at on November 21, 2023.



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