The Truth About “Hate Speech”; A Dystopian Nightmare

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7 min readNov 29, 2023

It was about 3–4 years ago, when I sat reading an article that came out of the UK, discussing “Hate Speech”. It was the first time I ever heard the term used, and legislation was being touted by the political establishment in the UK to curb online “Offensive or Violent Speech” .

Since then, calls for “Hate Speech” legislation has spread to national governments all over the world. Including the United States. Does it surprise me? Absolutely not. In fact, I’ve often joked that whatever Europe was taking about in a given moment, give it a few years, and it will be in the US. Though I do not believe it’s a random occurrence.

In fact again, I know it’s not. With much of Europe being part of the European Union, it’s an ideal test bed for rolling out policies and agendas before funneling them to the rest of the western world.

Governments have certainly stepped up their efforts, to enact “Hate Speech” legislation over the course of the last four years. However, to date they haven’t been overly successful at pulling it off. Sure, the UK has parts of its Police force monitoring citizen’s social media posts (New York wants something similar). They will even pay you a visit, if you post something they don’t like. But I have yet to see mass arrests, with “Hate Speech” listed as an individual’s crime.

Though, are we far from it? I hope not, but that is up to the people living in each nation. If they comply with such ludicrous proposals or laws, then nothing short of a dystopian nightmare could spring into being.

The Bogus Premise

Politicians always cling to the bogus premise, that “Hate Speech” legislation is needed to prevent offensive or violent discussion from taking place. Or it’s necessary to ban speech that may lead to violent reactions from the public. They openly admit that giving up the right of free and open speech, is necessary for the betterment of everyone in a society, and we should accept it. Thus give us your freedoms, in exchange for a false security that eventually makes V for Vendetta look like a prime utopia.

Let’s be honest, “Hate Speech” isn’t about keeping the public safe. It’s about the complete utter control, over the most basic of Human rights. The right to speak, communicate, and express your ideas openly. The freedom, to not be stuck in some insidious 1984 world, were doublespeak and double thought is the norm. The freedom to avoid a constant “Safe Space” nanny state, where people hide to avoid having mental breakdowns, when someone else says something they don’t agree with.

Hate Speech is nothing more than the “politically correct” way of saying, “Sit down shut-up, and don’t you dare say anything that someone finds offensive (such as The Truth), nor anything a Government doesn’t approve of”. Hate Speech is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, plain and simple.

And….The fact that politicians across the globe, all of a sudden are pushing “Hate Speech” legislation, tells us that some authority sitting in an unelected position, has decided it’s time to restrict the freedom of speech across the globe. Excluding countries such as China of course, whose government did that long ago. Instead, like attempts of “Climate Change” legislation, only the Democracies and Republics need this new legislation…. As they are the societies that have the most personal freedoms on the planet. The thought of such policies, are Orwellian in deed!

The Disinformation Double Whammy

To make things worse, politicians, as well as, other sources of perceived authority, often follow up the conversation with Disinformation prevention legislation. There are a lot of “Little Hitlers” in positions of power, who probably get off on the idea of passing legislation that would codify both “Hate Speech” and “Disinformation” policies.

Hell, in the US, both New York and California are calling for “Media Literacy” classes for grades K -12. So let’s get this straight, they want to drill into the minds of students (more brain washing), which media sources they should listen to, and which ones to disregard. Under the guise of “Disinformation” of course. This is brainwashing, and goes against a critically thinking population. They want to tell you what to believe, instead of letting you go into the world and discover things on your own.

I literally know someone, who has an advanced college degree, and actually said once…. Something along the lines of, “I only believe something if it’s on CNN”……… There ya go, one of the most highly educated people I know, but perhaps not as smart as they think they are. I can only imagine what Media Literacy classes would result in….. Wait, I don’t need to imagine, we know what would occur. Brown Shirts…..

Hate Speech and Disinformation Defined… No Not Really

First off, who decides what is disinformation, and who decides what is hate speech? Uhhhhhh why the Government and Authority of course duhhhhh..

I’ll be straight with you, there will never be clearly defined definitions of either. The definitions will be subject to change whenever those in power feel it benefits them. Additionally, any process used to determine such definitions, will never be shared with public.

Instead some pompous little Pratt, will walk into a press conference full of “approved journalists”, make a statement about Hate Speech and/or Disinformation, and no one will ask any hard questions. They will just accept what the Pratt says. These will be the journalists likely promoted in “Media Literacy” classes, along with their networks.

If by chance, a journalist chooses to go against the grain, they will be labeled as promoters of Disinformation or Hate Speech themselves. Again, I’ve never seen a solid objective definition of Hate Speech… It’s been subjective and loosely defined. Disinformation can end up being anything that goes against the “Official Government or Authoritative Narrative” even if it’s true. Both definitions are purposely maintained this way.

It doesn’t take an epiphany, to realize how legislation related to these concepts could be easily abused. After all, they have already been abused (do some research, and you’ll see where). And If you’re looking for true disinformation, you need go no further than how some of the media outlets conduct their polling, or how the current US administration attempts to tell the American people that Inflation is going down in the country (just two examples….. Also good examples of gaslighting).

The Proponents of Hate Speech and Disinformation Legislation

If you haven’t been triggered by this article, kudos, but I’m not done yet . As I mentioned above politicians across the board have been trying to enact various legislation. However, in the U.S. there does seem to be disproportional percentage related to what political party is pushing it harder. The Democratic party, appears just about fully on board with such efforts. Especially, the progressive wing of the Democratic party. Which is a little shocking, as the amount of disinformation they promote themselves is staggering.

I’m going to be honest, I’m starting to believe the “progressive” mindset, is simply the political correct term for “Communist” in the U.S. I don’t make this statement lightly. If you fundamentally look at Communist revolutions, the proponents of which, always seek to label people down to the most granular definitions. They then create “Oppressor” and “Oppressed” sub labels, and try to get the various labels to fight among themselves. If you have a very diverse population of people, they will demonize the majority, almost always labeling them as the Oppressor.

The goal is to overthrow the norms and traditions of the society and replace it with “The State is God” mentality. The useless idiots (in this case the noisy self proclaimed activists of the progressive wing), who fall for Communist propaganda are then used as instruments of the State. Of course, until the Communist party collapses, which it always does and always will. As people don’t fundamentally want to be enslaved.

I’m not going to say all progressives are like this, but large numbers of them are always quick to tell others what they should believe, and what they can or cannot say. I don’t want to overly rag on the Democratic Party, as there a lot of people on the other side of the isle, that have their own issues. Additionally, I fundamentally believe we need to come together as a nation, and truly take a hard look at who or what is pushing these agendas behind the scenes.

Hate Speech Is A Harbinger Of Dystopia

Hate Speech is a brutal Harbinger of a true Dystopia, packaged as a savior for modern society. The political class constantly chooses words that will entrap and create followers for policies. They will never say outright, they want to suppress the public’s freedom of speech. Instead they will create highly emotional taglines or sayings to entrap people, such as “Hate Speech”. In this case, they will insist they just want to ban “Hate” and anyone who doesn’t support the legislation is a bigot, or racist.

In reality, over a relatively short period of time, they have found a way to control everything people are allowed to say. They simply will ban more verbal freedoms under the umbrella of “Hate Speech”, until a point where the average citizen can’t critique, nor criticize a leader, behavior, government, or perceived norm without being brought up on charges related to “Hate Speech”.

Don’t be fooled, and if so, be willing to own your mistake if you are…..

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