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Episode One: Mystical Experiences, Dreaming and Sex

Cosmic Sibyl
5 min readMar 22, 2022
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Good morning, everyone, it’s a chilly morning here in the northeast, and to be honest I’m tired of the chill. I’m ready for the warmer weather to arrive, hiking season to begin, and a summer of crystal shopping to commence. Spring is typically a time of new ideas for me, how exciting right. This year I have decided to focus more on my writing.

To start the Spring off, I’d like to introduce the first “Series” I’m going to create, called, “Into the Mystical”. Obviously there is no Series option on Medium anymore, but I’m not going to let that stop me. This series will have heavy emphasis on dream journaling, meditative insights, clairvoyant experiences, crystals, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, and other related topics.

I’m not sure how long the series will be, but rest assured it will be my focus for the next few months. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired reading about topics that have political messages thrown in them. I’ve written a couple articles myself with some, and didn’t get much enjoyment out of it. Therefore, in this series, rest assured you won’t see political content.

Additional Criteria:

When posting one of my “Into the Mystical articles”, you will typically see the following:

1. The title will have the “Into the Mystical” heading, episode number, and a subtitle that will summarize the most interesting topic related to the article.

2. Each article will have an overview section, where I’ll do my best share some interesting ideas, followed by a quick dream recall section from the previous night. As I’m doing my best to trying and get back into recording my dreams. I‘ve found it’s a good way to fine tune your psychic abilities.

3. Finally, I will share anything else, that I think is a good fit for the article.

4. On a special note, I always welcome feedback. Therefore, by all means if you have some creative advice, please share it.

Dream Recall Tuesday March 22,2022

The Evil Church:

I found myself watching a lecture online, which was taking place in a college in Michigan. What was weird about the dream, was I didn’t remember where I was when I started watching the lecture. But I clearly was watching it on a laptop. The person presenting, looked to be a woman, probably no older than her early 40s. At some point during the lecture, I looked up from my laptop, and realized I was actually in the lecture hall.

Although I was now sitting in the actual lecture, I didn’t think anyone could see me, and was amazed when I found out they actually could. The woman giving the lecture actually spoke to me, and was confused when I mentioned that wasn’t sure how I got there. I even indicated, that I was worried about how I would return to my home state.

The woman eventually decided to accompany me, as we searched for a way to get me back home. However, as we traveled, we can across this large Church with big neon lights all around it. It was creepy, and I didn’t want to go in. However, we did end up entering, only to find lots of people sitting around praising the how much fear was being generated by the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

They appeared to be feeding off the fear and loved it. The leader of the church had dark vibes, and when he saw me he became uneasy. He actually approached me, indicating that I shouldn’t be there. When he got close enough, I grabbed his arm and he started smoking. A radiating light came from my body when I touched him. He winced in pain. I’m not sure why, but I then drew a cross on his forehead with light, and he almost appeared to melt away. I then woke up.

The Masked Lover (Warning Sexual Content):

In this dream, I was attending what appeared to be a party, although I didn’t recognize the location. There appeared to be elements from my waking life present. For example, rooms looked like places I’ve lived in the past, and even my current clothes hamper was in the dream.

At one point, I was looking for a change of clothes, as I was almost completely naked. Only a bathroom towel hid me from my environment. All of a sudden, a dark-haired woman, wearing a masquerade mask walked into the room and caught me by surprise. I was embarrassed and tried to dunk down behind the furniture. She apologized profusely, while still noticing that I had one hell of an erection. When I got over the shock, she made a pass at me, and suggested she could take care of it for me. She approached me, and hide under a table in front of me, slowly taking me into her mouth.

Surprisingly, I didn’t wake up, loving the feel of her mouth around my member. Typically, I wake up fast when dreams start to get sexual. I started to moan, and she stopped so we could move to a more private room.

In this room there were blankets on the floor, and she laid down up against when appeared to be a couch. She asked if I wanted her pussy, and when I nodded, she slid my dick into her. Again, I surprisingly didn’t wake up and we started having sex.

We both started to moan louder and louder, and she contracted hard around me. I watched as she opened her mouth and moaned, exposing some of my cum that was still in her mouth from earlier. Her bright red lipstick and masquerade mask made her beyond erotic. As I started to approach climax, my sister came into the room, and terrified we would get caught the woman through a blanket over herself to hide. While at the same time, pushing harder against my dick. This was the part at which, I woke up from the dream. Shocked it had lasted so long.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to my dreams, often they are very vivid and can get sexual. Although as I mentioned, I usually wake up before anything extensive happens. Rest assured, I will indicate when there is adult content in a dream, by flagging it in the title of the dream beforehand. Anyways, Thanks for reading the first episode of Into The Mystical.



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