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It was over a decade ago, when I sat with my mother’s boyfriend at the time, having a conversation about Spirituality, Metaphysics, and the future of the planet. Yet the conversation still seems like it took place yesterday. One thing he said, was that he thought many people were going to start losing it. In his words, they were going to “Burn out”, but first they would begin acting in increasingly distorted ways. Ultimately, they wouldn’t be able to handle the higher vibrational energy that would start hitting the planet, and they would eventually be unable to survive on Earth.

I pictured a scene where vast amounts of people transformed into mindless vassals in some kind of “undead” army wreaking havoc throughout the land. While those who were able to survive the energetic changes, found themselves in places they never knew existed. Of course, the former was a tad hyperbolic, but at the time I was still trying to make sense of the deeply spiritual and psychic experiences I had been having.

The dreams I had were about the near future, and they were enough to make me question the nature of reality. They portrayed drastic changes that were coming to the planet, one being a mass awakening of the people which would result in humanity freeing itself from servitude. Later, I would learn, that these dreams were telling the story of an Ascension event that would occur on the planet, as well as the events that would proceed it.

What The Bleep, End Time What?

While I grew up having deeply spiritual experiences, I wasn’t traditionally religious. My parents never forced a single religion down my throat, which allowed me to explore multiple belief systems freely. I was able to focus on what I found interesting, and never felt I was betraying any religion.

Typically, I didn’t like to use traditional terminology when describing my experiences, because I found in many cases as soon as I would say something remotely religious, many people would get uneasy. However, as time went on, I become more comfortable using traditional religious terminology. The reason being, was I found that when you took away the “Human Dogma” in religions, the overall message was ultimately the same.

When it comes to “The End Times”, I don’t believe there is any one specific religion that is the “chosen group” to be “saved”. I believe the process of Ascension (which the End Times are ultimately about), is a universal process. If you have reached a point where you, as a soul, have matured enough were you’re ready for the next phase of existence then you will Ascend. If not, then you will continue your journey, until you are ready.

As Ascension events draw near, we all subconsciously know something big is going to happen. Even the most devote “atheist” knows it on the subconscious level. This is because, “cosmic knowing” is above the egoic mind, but in our society what the ego believes is often considered “truth”. The stress that this subconscious knowing brings into an individual’s life will often affect their behavior. Resulting in individuals, who have many inner wounds acting in increasingly distorted ways. This behavior has been called End Time Madness by some.

Symptoms of End Time Madness:

If you’re someone who has worked on healing your inner wounds to an acceptable degree, you probably have an easier time adjusting to the ongoing energetic changes on the planet. You may find yourself less stressed by current events, less triggered, and more able to function in society even when it’s chaotic.

However, I want to make it clear, no one is immune to End Time Madness, and chances are you yourself are still experiencing it, but only to a lesser extent. The more work an individual does to heal their inner wounds, the less “madness” they will experience in the coming years, and the more prepared they will be for what is to come.

In my opinion there are many symptoms of End Time Madness. Both on an individual level, as well as, on a societal level. I’m going to list some of the major and minor symptoms, that I beleive are most prevalent in our society.

Major Symptoms:

1. Narcissism, Sociopathic, and Psychopathic behavior — This has always been in our societies, however what you’ll find is End Time Madness will drastically amplify this in individuals who exhibit these qualities. If they don’t heal their wounds, they will just get worse.

2. Constantly Being Triggered and Projecting Onto Others — First, you may want to ask yourself, why are you triggered so much? Often, it’s because of something within yourself, that you don’t like, so you’re triggered by the behavior in others, and project your dislike onto them. Rather than realizing the wound is in you.

3. Wanting To Control People (i.e… Trying to control what people believe, think, see, or how they live) — On a societal level, think mass censorship.

4. Cognitive Dissonance — Not by ignorance, but having a belief, but then changing your belief to hold onto another belief to avoid stress. Also, having profound double standards. Think of groups of people who go out protesting Fascism but use fascist tactics to do so.

5. Virtue Singling — Saying you support something for personal gain, such as prestige among others.

6. Societal Inversion- Think Orwell’s 1984. War is Peace…. Slavery is Freedom…. Just look at the systems on control in our society.

7. Holding Onto Rigid Belief Structures — Think of all the “Isms” out there that many people hold on to, even though they may ruin their lives.

8. Unable To Separate Yourself From Group Ideology (Animalistic Behavior) — Thus you rarely have an original thought of your own. You simply repeat that has been told to you and believe it to be truth.

Minor Symptoms:

1. Obsessive Worry or Fear — It can be about anything; the idea is you worry a lot about something. Often the worry may seem illogical.

2. Aches and Pains (That seem to have no cause).

3. Insomnia

4. Constant Comfort Eating

5. Feelings Of Unworthiness

Surviving End Time Madness:

In my opinion what’s listed above, is not the entire list of End Time Madness symptoms. I’m not even sure a full list could ever be completed, as behaviors are often dynamic.

As for surviving the madness, I can only share my idologly. Typically, I do best to work on my own wounds, and resolve them to the best of my ability. I’ve found that, as I’ve worked on the “inner work” I find myself encountering people who are suffering greatly from madness less and less. Remember oil and water don’t mix. Like vibration will find like vibration.

When I’m out in public, I work on keeping my own space, and if I see people exhibiting behaviors that are clearly related to End Time Madness, I’m mindful not to not to entangle myself in their issues. I will be polite if interaction occurs, but I will not do anything that will risk causing drama for myself.

This is easy when you don’t know who the person is. When it comes to family or friends, it can be more difficult not to get entangled. Yet, I always recommend doing your best not to get involved in drama. If it does occur, don’t panic, but I would suggest trying to resolve issues amicably. If you can’t, then you can’t, but always remember if you’re purposely mean or unloving to someone else (meaning you are purposely trying to hurt them with words or actions), chances are you’ll accumulate karma that will need to be resolved down the road.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave comments.



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